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Systran Video Training

Systran Tour
 Systran Tour – Quick Overview

Get a quick look at the differences between the packages and the functionality.  Great for a quick start overview of the different modules in Systran and understanding the Systran Icons on your desktop.

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Running Time: 10 Minutes


Quick Start Guide – Setup the Options Before you Translate
In a hurry? Install the software and then watch this video to learn how to properly set up a few options before you translate a document.

Running Time: 11 Minutes

Systran Project Manager
Learn how to use the powerful tools in the project manager to improve the accuracy of your translations. The SYSTRAN Project Manager is an editing enviroment that allows you to interact with your documents and the dictionaris at the same time. This video will take you through the suggested workflow and professional analysis tools used by translators.

Running Time: 28 Minutes

Translate Email
Learn how to use Outlook to translate your emails. Learn tips and tricks that can make it even easier with Systran.
Running Time:  coming soon


Translate Microsoft WORD Files
Learn how to translate documents in MS WORD. Use additional tools and shortcuts from the MS Word menus.

Running Time:  8 Minutes

Systran - Translate Excel Files Video
Translate Microsoft EXCEL Files
Learn how to translate documents in MS EXCEL. Translate full spreadsheets or specific sections.

Running Time:  (Coming Soon)

Systran - Translate PDF Files Video
Translate PDF Files
Learn how to translate PDF Files and see some of the common issues that you might experience when working with PDF Files.

Running Time:  (Coming Soon)

Translate Websites  as you Surf the Web
Surf the web in foreign languages with Systran. Learn how to properly use the software to translate websites.

Running Time: (Coming Soon)

Systran Document Aligner
The software can learn from previously translated documents. Use the Document Aligner to instantly create translation memories.

Running Time: (Coming Soon)

Systran’s Options and Settings
Learn how to change your settings and options to control the software’s features. Change the dialect of a language, turn on your dictionaries and more.

Running Time: (Coming Soon)

Building Dictionaries
Creating custom dictionaries will improve the accuracy of your translations. Learn the different types of dictionaries and how to add entries.

Running Time: (Coming Soon)

Upcoming Videos in the Series

Systran Interactive Translator (coming soon)

How to Batch Translate (coming soon)

Building Translation Memory (coming soon)

Systran Customization Wizard (coming soon)

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